Who are E2 Treaty Investor Visa Holders?

We are Immigrants from over 70 different countries.


E2 Treaty Investor Visa holders come from over 70 countries from all over the World, bringing rich diversity and different cultures to the US. 

Each Country needs to have a Treaty with the US, and there are new countries being added all the time - most recently New Zealand and Israel.

We are Investors.


E2 Treaty Investor Visa holders have to make a Substantial Investment into the US, whether they are buying an existing business or starting a new one. 

Recent figures showed an average of $225,000 investment per business.

We are Job Creators.


We have to have employees - we tend to average around 10 employees per E2 Business. We believe there are around 1 Million US Workers directly employed by E2 Businesses today.

With indirect employment for the other businesses we use as our suppliers and service providers, and the diffused employment for the Government Agencies we have to use, this number probably doubles.

We are part of our Local Communities.


Community is so important to E2 Treaty Investor Visa holders - it's where we live, where our kids go to school, and where our customers come from.

We sponsor and coach Sports Teams, we join in local Fetes and Parades, we Donate to Local Causes.

Our neighbors don't think of us as different - to them we are just their friends.

We are Families.


We all come to the US for many different reasons, but Top of the List has to be to give ourselves and our Children a better life.

It may start as an Adventure but pretty soon America becomes Home.


We are Hopeful that Change will allow us to have a Future in the US.


We have been lobbying since 2006 when a Member of Congress believed that change was needed for those of us who jumped in with both feet and became Entrepreneurs and Employers.

It has made us stronger people and we would love to think we deserve a chance at a Future here.