How to make Contact with your Representative

Those of you living in the US on an E2 Treaty Investor Visa, can help us to Help You. Immigration is a Federal Matter and is dealt with by the people who work in Washington.

We ask that you contact your own Member of Congress.

To find out who your own Member of Congress is, you need to put in your Zip Code to one of these websites.


Tell them about your E2 Business, your wonderful Employees, and ask them to co-sponsor our Bill - H.R. 2124.

Tell them that E2 Visa holders really help the US Economy with initial and ongoing investment and employing US workers - probably around 1 million between us. We believe there is at least 100,000 E2 businesses all over the US from over 70 different countries, bringing diversity and a rich culture.

Make sure you leave your name and a phone number for someone to contact you if they need more information. They may also ask for your Zip Code, as some Offices will only talk to those in their District.

So Basically

Try and meet the Representative.

Try and meet a Staff Member.

Visit the Local Office and ask to speak to whoever deals with Immigration.

Phone the Washington Office and ask to speak to whoever deals with Immigration.

Phone the Washington Office and ask to leave a Statement about E2 Treaty Investor Visa holders.

If you send a message via the 'Contact Us' page on the Member of Congress's website, you will more than likely get a Generic Response sent by an Intern, that won't address the E2 situation, just Immigration in general.

In More Detail

The best way is to try and meet with the Representative personally, either by attending a Town Hall Meeting, or Event, where they are going to be present. You can ask a question or hope to meet them at the end of the Event. Otherwise try and see who are their Staff Members and start a conversation with them.

You can sign up for their Newsletters on their websites, check their Facebook Pages or Twitter Feeds, or look in your Local Newspapers to see when they are around.

If you feel nervous about going on your own to do this, ask us if there is anyone else in your District that you could ask to go along as well. We have a good number of E2 Contacts all over the US, who we can put you in touch with.

Visit the Local Office and ask to speak to, or make an appointment to meet, the person who deals with Immigration. If you can get them interested in the E2 Issues, they might help you to get an appointment to meet with the Member of Congress when they are working in the District, or at least promise to tell them about you.

They may well know your business personally, may have used your services or been into your Store or Restaurant - great way to get talking.

Again if you would like to contact another E2 Person so you can go in together, just ask and we can try and arrange that.

If you are going to phone an office, make some notes about what you are going to say.

There are times when we have a 'Call to Action' and we may then give you a script of what to say, but it is always best to speak for yourself if possible.

Please let us know when you make any Contact calls.