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One-Pager about E2 Visa Holders and E2 Children

Fox News: June 4th 2019


We are Immigrants who are Investors and Job Creators with No Pathway to Green Cards

E2 Treaty Investor Visa Holders are required to invest, by buying an existing business or starting a new one. They need to have US Employees. They need to keep growing the Business.

E2 Treaty Investor Visa holders contribute vastly to the US Economy - this Visa has been around since 1952 and there has been virtually no change since then - allowing E2 Spouses to work outside of the E2 Business seems to be the only one.

We could be so much more innovative, expand our businesses, and create more employment, with a more secure future.


Our E2 Dependent Children

  Our E2 Dependent Children are able to live in the US with us until they reach the age of 21. 

They are then no longer covered by their parent's Visa. 

If they cannot find another path to stay, they have to leave the country many call home and more often than not the whole family leaves too. 

There are no easy ways for them to stay long term. 

If in College, the child can apply for an International Student Visa, but unless they are able to secure a job and be sponsored for an H1B Visa (always oversubscribed), the education they have received here cannot be used. 

They could apply for an E2 Visa to run their own E2 Business, but as they are not entitled to have Social Security Numbers whilst Dependents, this is not an easy Path.

The only real option is marriage, but would you want your 21 year old to jump into marriage just to stay in a country!!!

H.R.2124 would allow the E2 Dependent Children to stay on their parent's Visa till the age of 26 (the same age as Health Insurances) and they could apply for a SSN at 18.

Our children are not covered by Programs such as DACA or most Bills for Dreamers - we are also hoping that can be changed.

Check out more information below.


H.R.2124 - The E2 Visa Improvement Act of 2019

This Bill introduced by Congressman John Rutherford (R-FL) would allow E2 Visa holders to apply for a Green Card once they have been in the US for longer than 10 years, and have given employment to at least 2 US workers. During this time they will have been through at least 2 strict Renewal procedures, either at a US Embassy out of the US, or through USCIS.

This is the Link to the Bill -

We are actively looking for Co-Sponsors

Improve The Dream

We also have a Sister Website that is devoted to the Issues that our E2 Dependent Children, as well as the children of other visa holders, face when they reach the age of 21.

Our hope is that Legislation will be written and passed into Law that will allow these children the same opportunities that are being talked about for the DACA and Dreamer children.

Our children fit all of the same Criteria as the others - they are just in Lawful Presence.

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